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The recomended cloth is determined by the purpose of use. Dacron is durable, cruisinglaminate will last long with good shape, G2 membrane will be best in shapeholding for optimal performance. Read more about our different sailcloths here For an allround furling genoa we recommend around 140-145%. For racing 150% is often max genua. For easier handling crusing genoa, choose 130%. Start to choose the fiber for your membrane sail. Black aramid is a versatile fiber. Dyneema will give you a strong sail in traditional white color. Carbon for lower weight and maximal shapeholding in bigger sails. Please read more about our fibers and their characteristics here You can choose between several skins/taffetas. Read more here and choose the taffeta which suits you best. Genoas for reefing will have extra long patches from head down the leech, and in from tack along the foot. Channels of foam-luff along luff will give the sail a better shape when partly reefed. Tell-tales at three levels close to luff will help you to indicate correct airflow and sailtrim. Sewn UV-cover along leech and foot will protect the sail from UV when furled in. Horizontal lines in contrasting color will help to more clearly see the shape of the sail. A sewn window at lowest tell-tale will improve visibility of leeward tell-tale.